Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Fotos - You Weren't There

I came, but you weren't there. Messiah

In an effort to jump on the bandwagon of posting a photo on Friday, I'll offer this picture of a bumpersticker that I saw on a truck in the Negev desert. It is also a bit of a followup to my last entry about the Chabad group.

The sticker says: I came and you (plural) weren't there. The Messiah...

The design is a spinoff of Chabad's "Prepare for the Messiah" campaign from the early-mid 1990's. The gold background with words above and below the rising sun was the graphic layout of their banners, posters, flags and stickers.

As one who believes Jesus to be the Messiah, this particular sticker communicated to me a bit of razzing the Chabad. In other words, "Jesus already came and you didn't receive Him." However, I'm not certain that was the intended message.

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