Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Fotos - Do You Remember When...

This farmer is from a generation of farmers who plow the "old fashioned" way: behind a mule. Don't be fooled, this foto didn't come from an old book. I took it earlier this week.

We met this farmer whose name is Na'am, in a small field outside of Shechem. Mr. Na'am was very friendly when we stopped and asked if we could take his foto. He was happy to speak with us, though I couldn't understand much of what he said. My Arabic skills are fairly thin and he couldn't speak English.

Unintentionally, I demonstrated the cultural divide when I asked the name of his mule. He did a double take and looked at me as though I had just parachuted in from Mars before answering, "Mule." I guess Arab farmers don't name their animals.

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